Transfer Schools

Below are notes about the most popular transfer targets for Chemeketa students.

Western Oregon University

Western Oregon is a liberal arts focused school and the CS department is part of the general college of letters and sciences (as opposed to a school of engineering). Thus the CS program has more of a software focus and less emphasis on hardware and low-level computing. WOU also has the most flexible degree requirements - there are fewer credits specifically required to complete your degree. That means you have more credits to "spend" on exploring other interests and completing a minor or a double major.

It is a smaller university where you classes will be smaller and you are more likely to get to know professors and your fellow students since you will see many of the same people in multiple classes. However, when compared to a bigger school, there will be less variety of CS electives to chose from in junior and senior year.

For those who are mathematically inclined, WOU offers a double degree in CS and Math.

Students interested in WOU should complete the MTM-CS Standard track.

WOU Mock Transfer Schedule

WOU Transfer Tips

  • Students going to WOU may chose to take MTH 231 and 232 instead of MTH112, 251, and 252. (see page 12 of the CS MTM). However, if you do so you will not complete the MTM. You will have to do course by course transfer.
  • Take CS205 - it transfers as CS271 which is required by WOU.


The OSU CS program is based in the engineering department. It has a larger number of required technical CS courses and more extensive math requirements. Because it is a large, research focused university, there are an extensive options to study different topics in CS. However, you should be prepared for large classes and a demanding academic environment.

OSU participate in the MECOP Internship Program.

OSU Transfer Tips

  • Take CS290.
  • Try to make sure one of your social science courses meets OSU's Difference, Power, and Discrimination requirement.
  • If you have room to take any of these courses, do so to make things easier after transfer:
    • Both WR 227 and 122
    • ENGR214 (Transfers as Stats 314)
    • HPE 295 or 3 credits of PE
  • Some applied options will require extra math courses. If you are going to need MTH 253 and/or MTH 254 you would be wise to take them while 251/252 are still fresh in your mind.

OSU Degree Options

Applied Option

The OSU Applied CS option allows students to develop a degree program that focuses on their area of interest. You chose or design a "mini-minor" of related courses to take with your CS core. Sample applied programs include Business and Entrepreneurship, Bioinformatics, Game and Simulation Development, and Human Computer Interaction.

Students interested in OSU's Applied Option should complete the MTM-CS Systems track.

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Systems Option

The systems option is essentially a mini-minor in electrical engineering. This degree is ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology) accredited - if you want a job with a hardware focused company like Intel or Garmin, this would be the option to chose.

Despite the name, the MTM Systems path here at Chemeketa prepares students for the Applied option at OSU. To prepare for the Systems Option at OSU, you should:

  • Continue taking math through 254
  • Don't take CS205 - instead you will need to take ENGR 271/272 at OSU in the summer before Jr year or fall of Jr year.

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OSU has a fully online CS degree. It follows the Applied Option model but there is only one focus area available: security issues.

OSU Cascades

The Bend campus of OSU CS program has a focus in Software Engineering. You should prepare for it in the same way as the OSU Corvallis Applied CS degree. See the Transfer Tips listed above.

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PSU has a large CS program with many research/study areas. Like OSU, PSU is a large research university. Which means lots of course options, but larger classes.

Since it is located in downtown Portland, PSU has a very different feel than the other Oregon universities. Its proximity to the tech industry in Portland means there are a wide variety of local opportunities for both internships and to start a career as you finish off your education. PSU participate in the MECOP Internship Program but also has its own in-house internship program.

Students interested in PSU should complete the MTM-CS Systems track.

Mock Transfer Schedule

PSU Transfer Tips

Taking the following courses can eliminate requirements that otherwise need to get done at PSU:

  • MTH253. You will need to take either MTH253 or MTH261. MTH261 is not offered at Chemeketa but may be more relevent to many students. You can either take MTH253 here to save time/money later, or wait and take MTH261.
  • An additional science elective from Bio, Chem, Phys, Geol, or Environmental Science
  • An additional Arts and Letters or Social Science elective (from the AAOT approved courses)

University of Oregon

U of O's CS program is called Computer Information Science - but it is very much a CS program, not an Information Systems one. It is not part of an engineering school - although you will be exposed to engineering related topics, there is more of a focus on theoretical and applied computer science. But, like OSU and PSU, it is a large research campus. Expect lots of options to study advanced topics in a more demanding academic environment.

Students interested in PSU should complete the MTM-CS Systems track.

U of O will accept Geology 201-203 as a science sequence (instead of physics, biology, or chemistry). However if you do Geology, you will not earn the MTM. You would have to transfer your courses one by one (which should work fine as long as you do everything listed in the MTM.)

Mock Transfer Schedule

University of Oregon require B's or better in lower division CS work (100/200 level). If you have a C in one or more CS classes you will need to petition to avoid retaking them at U of O.

Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech (formerly OIT) offers a Software Engineering Bachelor's degree. Most students from Chemeketa focus on the Software Engineering program, but there are also programs in Embedded Systems and Data Science.

As the state's technical university, it is very focused on producing working software engineers - expect a significant number of classes that focus on practical software development. That said, it is an accredited engineering program - you need an extensive amount of math and must take the calculus based physics.

Oregon Tech participate in the MECOP Internship Program.

Oregon Tech has two campuses. The one close by in Wilsonville offers a program that is more focused on working students. It is a non-residential campus and many of the classes are offered at night or on weekends. The Klamath Falls campus offers a more traditional college environment (day classes, dorms, etc...).

Mock Transfer Schedule

The CS MTM does NOT guarantee Junior standing and a path to graduate in two more years at Oregon Tech. However, if you select courses carefully, it is possible to transfer there and finish on time.

Oregon Tech students normally take some classes we do not offer during their first two years. Because a few of those will be required to start your Jr year, it is highly recommended you dual enroll by your second year so you can take some of those classes and get degree advice from an Oregon Tech advisor.

Oregon Tech Transfer Tips

  • Do the OSU/PSU/UofO variant of the MTM with the modifications listed below
    • Take Physics 211-213 as your science
    • Take Psychology 201 as one of your Social Science courses
    • Do NOT take MTH 231/232 or CS 205
  • Take CST236 and/or CST238 at Oregon Tech in either Spring or Summer before transferring. You need one of these two done to start the Junior year.


Eastern Oregon CS offers a fully online CS degree as well as an in-person degree at their La Grande campus.

Students interested in EOU should complete the MTM-CS Standard track.

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EOU has a fully online CS degree.

University of Portland

University of Portland is a private school located in Portland. It is a smaller college (~4,000 students) that has a dedicated school of engineering. It is thus a place students can get a technical oriented degree from an institution that otherwise is a small liberal arts campus. UP is one of the schools that participate in the MECOP Internship Program

To efficiently transfer to UP, you should do the Math/CS from the Systems track of the AST-CS degree along with the Physics 211-213 sequence, and general education classes listed in this UP Transfer Guide