Transfer Schools

Below are notes about the most popular transfer targets for Chemeketa students.

Western Oregon University

Western Oregon is a liberal arts focused school and the CS department is part of the general college of letters and sciences. Thus the CS program has more of a software focus and less emphasis on hardware and computer engineering level issues.

For those who are mathematically inclined, WOU offers a double degree in CS and Math.

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The OSU CS program is based in the engineering department, expect rigorous math/physics and plenty of exposure to hardware and low level computation. That said, it is a large department and there are opportunities to focus on many different areas of CS. They have two main degree options that are described below.

Applied Option

The Applied option allows students to develop a degree program that focuses on their area of interest. You have to design a “mini-minor” of related courses to take with your CS core. Sample applied programs include Business and Entrepreneurship, Bioinformatics, Game and Simulation and Human Computer Interaction.

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Systems Option

The systems option is essentially a mini-minor in electrical engineering. This requires physics based calculus and more math. This degree is ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering & Technology) accredited and is the more rigorous option - if you want a job with a company like google or microsoft, this is a good way to build an impressive resume.

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OSU Cascades

The Bend campus of OSU offers a CS degree focusing in Software Engineering. You should prepare for it in the same way as the OSU Corvallis Applied CS degree.

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Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech (formerly OIT) offers a Software Engineering Bachelor’s degree. This means the program is very focused on producing working software engineers - expect a significant number of classes that focus on practical software development. That said, it is an accredited engineering program - you will need a fair amount of math and physics.

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Oregon Tech Wilsonville offers a program that is more focused on non-traditional (working) students. It is a non-residential campus and many of the technical classes are offered at night or on weekends. the Klamath Falls campus offers a nearly identical program in a more traditional college environment (day classes, dorms, etc…).

Oregon Tech students normally take some classes we do not offer during their first two years. Because a few of those will be required to start your Jr year, it is highly recommended you dual enroll by your second year so you can take some of those classes.


PSU has a large CS program with many research/study areas. Like OSU, you will have a wide variety of topics you can chose to focus on, but the program is part of an engineering school - expect the math/physics that come with that.

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To take junior level classes at PSU, you must complete a core set of lower division classes and be admitted to the CS program. Until you are admitted you WILL NOT be able to take upper level CS classes. One of the classes required for admission to the CS major at PSU is not offered at Chemeketa - CS202. Because CS202 must be taken after CS260, but before applying for program admission at PSU, you must plan to take it Winter term of your second year at PSU or PCC if you want to apply for Fall admission. If you take CS202 in summer, you can apply for Winter admission. If you wait and take CS202 after transferring, you will not be able to start the rest of the CS program until the following Fall.

University of Oregon

U of O’s CS program is called Computer Information Science - but it is very much a CS program, not an Information Systems one. It is not part of an engineering school - although you will be exposed to engineering related topics, there is more of a focus on theoretical and applied computer science.

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University of Oregon require B’s or better in lower division CS work (100/200 level). If you have a C in one or more CS classes you will need to petition to avoid retaking them at U of O.