CS Mock Schedule Builder

Mock Transfer Schedule for Unknown School

Enter information about your school, math placement and whether you are starting CS in your first term at Chemeketa or later. If you do not place into math 111 or above, you will have to take additional math courses.

Warning - this tool is intended for exploration. The schedule it produces is NOT intended to be used as is - use as a starting point for planning your own schedule.

These plans are based on the new statewide CS Major Transfer Map. If you are already working on the ASOT-CS degree you may want to focus on finishing it up. Do however make sure to pay attention to the school-specific advising advice based on your transfer target.

School Specific Notes

    General Notes

    • FYE105 is not required as part of the MTM, but is recommended for all first time college students and required for many scholarship students.
    • Do not start taking science courses until you decide on a transfer target.
    • Do not start take your second writing course (WR122 or 227) until you decide on a transfer target.
    • All Arts and Letters and Social Science courses should be ones on the AAOT course list.
    • Electives: To complete the CS Major Transfer Map (or the ASOT-CS) you must earn 90 credits of qualifying classes. The schedule shown above does not necessarily include 90 credits. Take elective classes to fulfill needed credits.
    • All Oregon Universities have a foreign language admission requirement. Most students have satisfied this via two years of the same language in high school. If you have not, you either need to take two terms of a foreign language at Chemeketa or prove proficiency in a second language.