Computer Information Systems

The path to the career you chose most likely starts in the Computer Information Systems program here at Chemeketa.

For most of these careers, a two-year Associates of Applied Sciences (AAS) degree will provide the education needed to enter the workforce.

Some careers, like computer support technician, may be open to individuals with a certificate or certifications.

More senior positions with management and business responsibilities in addition to technological ones are likely to require a four-year degree. (Example: Systems analyst or Chief Technical Officer) If you aspire to one of these positions, there is a transfer path from Chemeketa to Western Oregon University to complete a four-year Applied Baccalaureate degree. You can complete a two-year AAS degree at Chemeketa and then either transfer directly to Western Oregon for two more years, or enter the workplace for some experience and attend WOU later to complete a four-year degree.

The CIS pathway begins with CIS120 - it is essential to sign up for it as soon as possible after starting at Chemeketa.

Have questions about the CIS program? Contact program chair Don Kraus -