CPPLab Instructions

The only way to really learn programming is to program - to write code to solve problems using the tools you are learning. CPPLab is an online programming practice tool designed to give you that practice. There is a link to CPPLab in Canvas, although you can also navigate directly to it at https://computerscience.chemeketa.edu/cpplab/.

You will need an account to access the site, which your instructor will set up for you. Generally, your username is the same as your Chemeketa username/email. If you are bsmith13@my.chemeketa.edu, your CPPLab username will be bsmith13.

You will have to set your initial password by using the "Reset my password" link on the login page. It will send a reset link to your my.chemeketa.edu email address. If you forget your password, you can use the same method to get a new password.