RSA Public/Private Key Generator

Enter two prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17...) and press the button. Keeping the numbers small (should multiply to less than 100) will help if you want to be able to verify the keys.

This is C : it is the mod value that will be used in your public/private keys

This is A: the expoenent for your private key

Note: this page automatically tries to make a key pair for you. You can find it yourself by going to the clock times table page and entering your z value for clock size. Then use your "private" prime number as the row and find a column with an entry of 1. That column number is the "public" key.

Based on your private key, this is the value B: the exponent for your public key:

To use it you would save the two numbers (B, C) that are your public key and give them to anyone who wants them. The private key (A, C) you would keep safe. The original p and q should be destroyed... anyone who figures out the numbers used to make your clock size will be able to figure out your private key!
Based on your private key value, their is either no matching public key or the public key is identical to the private one. Pick a new prime for your private key or go back and pick new p and q values. (Some p and q values will not produce any key pairs!)