3.3. Find Smallest in List

This video introduces an algorithm for looking through a list for a particular value. In this case, we want to find the smallest number in a list.

Make your own version of the final location of smallest block (15:30 mark of the video). You will need it for your assignment.


We made a “Location of Smallest in list” block instead of “Smallest Value in list” block because the location is more important than the value. If I know the location of the smallest value, I can do any of these things that need the location:


If all I know is the value of the smallest thing, I can’t easily delete it or replace it.

And if I want the value, I can easily get it with item (smallestLocation) of (list)

Checkpoint Exercise

Largest in List:

Turn the Location of Smallest in list block into a Location of Largest in list. Instead of asking “is this smaller than the smallest thing I have seen” as we look at each value, we need to ask “is this larger than the largest thing I have seen”?