1.3. First Programs

The video below introduces the basics of working with BYOB and writing programs in this environement.

Experiment with the techniques you see - I would recommend pausing periodically and trying to recreate the programs you see.



If you have trouble seeing the details on this or any other video, click the settings (gear) icon and make sure the highest resolution available is selected.

Checkpoint Exercise

Checkpoint exercises are the practice you should do to make sure you understood what you see in the videos. Before moving on from a section, use BYOB to try to accomplish the task listed in the checkpoint.

There are sample solutions available for all the checkpoints, but you will not learn to program just by looking at solutions - a big part of what you are learning is the process used to get to a solution. Try them yourself first and then use the key if you get stuck or to compare what you did to the sample solution.

Reset Program:

Make a script that has the sprite jump to the location -50, 50 (no matter where it is), clear the screen and draw a square.


Note that if you clear before “go to”, the trail left as the sprite jumps to -50, 50 will be visible.