4.1. Players & Interactions

How many players does the game support? Must it be an exact number (4 players only), or a variable number (2 to 5 players)? Can players enter or leave during play? How does this affect play? What is the relationship between players: are there teams, or individuals? Can teams be uneven?

The most obvious distinction in video games is single-player vs multi-player. But we can also distinguish variations within these broad categoies:

Player Interaction

Within each category of multi-player game, we can also describe the ways in which players can interact:

Needlessly to say, a free-for-all game where players can directly attack each other like Quake 3 Arena is very different from a free-for-all where players can generally only interact by trading and negotiating like in Settlers of Catan.

Materials on this page adapted from:
Game Design Concepts by Ian Schreiber (CC BY-NC 3.0)